Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Character Breakdown

A short post today, as the separate parts of the topic will be described in lots more detail later.

Once again I'm discussing the Elder Scrolls RPG that I am working on, and more specifically, the important parts that make up a character. For those unfamiliar with RPG's, this information will be put on a character sheet which is a sheet of paper (or a text file/pdf) off of which the statistics can then be used to play the RPG.
For example, a character will have a series of skills, and a number of points put in these skills, the amount of points in a skill, plus a roll of the dice, will tell you how well you do in a skillcheck.

The important statistics for a character from the Elder Scrolls world can largely be extrapolated from the games. As said before, I'm focusing on Morrowind and Oblivion. Both these games have a relatively equal way of creating a character. The order isn't completely the same, so here's the one for Oblivion:

You start the game by choosing a race, from a choice of ten. (For those who don't know the races, future posts will describe them.) The different races have different bonuses and demerits, in regards to attributes and resistances, as well as some special powers.
After choosing a race, you will choose a birthsign, this will give a certain bonus, be it an extra power or a bonus to some attribute.
Next is choosing a class, there's 21 (yikes) premade classes, but you can make your own. What a class does is describe your specialization, and what skills you are trained in.

So, the astute reader will notice bolded texts.
Just from walking through the character generation we get a fairly large list of items to add to the character sheet:

Well, this post got a lot longer than I thought it would, as promised, I'll describe these different aspects in much more detail soon.

For now, goodbye

addendum: Slaanesh(hah, how fitting) pointed out that when you choose your race, you also choose your sex. this has an effect on attributes, so it's no small thing.


  1. This sounds pretty awesome. I like the element of homebrew going on here

  2. Sounds interresting dude. Want to read more about this game

  3. I always liked Elder Scrolls. Way to think deeply about it

  4. Keep up the good work! I like the layout of your blog!

  5. Keep it up ! DO you have a listing of the classes included yet?

  6. Marclor, not yet.
    I'll post those in one of the next few posts. Later today, possibly.