Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Elder Scrolls


In the world of Nirn, there exist the Elder Scrolls. Prophetic writings of the Aedric, they serve as an archive for both historical and future events. Those gifted with prescience, can learn to read the Elder Scrolls. Reading an Elder Scroll however, will leave the reader blind for a time. Every reading of the scroll will increase this time, until the Reader is left blind forever, never to be allowed to read the scroll again. At this time however, he will have attained a near perfect understanding of the scroll.

Tied to these prophecies, are the Heroes. Blessed, or Cursed, depending on your viewpoint, by fate to achieve greatness. Though Heroes are in essence mortal, they can in time outgrow the powers of even the most gifted man. Indeed, a hero of old once slew the Prince of Madness, Sheogorath and took his place as Madgod, becoming a Daedric prince.


 There you have it, the start of the introduction to my current geeky project. An Elder Scrolls pen&paper RPG, set some time after Oblivion, and before the upcoming Skyrim, though I might update the game once this 5th installment of TES rolls out. I'm rather proud of the name I concocted for this:

Dungeons & Daedra.

What started out as a plan to port over the races from the Elder Scrolls series to D&D 4th edition, quickly became a full blown rewrite of the 4th edition system. A mixture between Morrowind, Oblivion, 4e, and the weirdness of what my mind comes up with after five hours of staring at the same Word page.

In future posts I'll describe the rules I'm working on, how I came up with them, and possibly pose a few questions regarding points that are bugging me; there's a lot of those.

I need a cool exit line, I'll work on that. For now I will say:



  1. I loved this game :) +followed keep up the blogging and followers gonna follow

  2. I used to play D&D a long time ago, I miss it

  3. Daggerfall FTW :) i loved theses games i'll follow the project!

  4. Cool idea!

    Would be awesome to have a fully fleshed out Elder Scrolls tabletop RPG.

  5. Good luck with your project :).